About the Issue

Every year thousands of mountain lions and bobcats are killed in Arizona by some of the cruelest methods imaginable. Bobcats are trapped and left to languish in excruciating pain for hours using painful and indiscriminate steel-jawed, leghold traps, and both bobcats and mountain lions are chased down with packs of trailing hounds then shot at point blank range. If a trophy hunter or trapper kills a mother wild cat, her dependent kittens will die from dehydration, starvation, predation or exposure.

Arizonans for Wildlife represents a broad coalition working to end the trophy hunting of wild cats. It is not the Arizona way to chase down mountain lions with packs of trailing hounds, or trap bobcats using archaic and painful devices. Jaguars, ocelots, and lynx can fall victim to these cruel methods as well. By allowing this to continue, we are further jeopardizing their survival in Arizona. Because the Arizona Game and Fish Department and the Arizona Legislature have failed to adequately protect Arizona’s wild cats over the decades, we call upon Arizona’s voters to use the most democratic of processes: the ballot box to remedy this failure.