Best answer: How does the Peru Current affect the climate of western South America?

What effect does the Peru Current have on the climate of the western coast of South America?

As it is a cold current, except at times of the phenomenon known as El Niño (q.v.), the Peru Current brings fog to the nearby coast but also helps to keep the coast one of the most intensely arid areas in the world.

What is the importance of the Peru Current?

A source of nutrients

Named after the naturalist Alexander Von Humboldt, the current is driven by strong winds which displace the warm and nutrient poor surface water, allowing the cold Antarctic waters to rise to the surface creating a phenomenon known as an upwelling.

Which current affect the climate of South American coast?

Answer: The Humboldt Current is an ocean current that flows northwards along the western coastline of South America and into the Southeast Pacific Ocean. The currents affect both people and marine life.

How does the Peru Current affect climate of Peru?

The Peruvian Current affects Peru year round, and moderates the climate of Chile in spring and summer, when it displaces a subtropical center of high pressure. Ordinarily the coast of Chile would warm in spring and summer, but the onset of the Peruvian Current diminishes temperatures and forestalls any rain.

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Does Peru have monsoons?

Visiting Peru in the Summer- December to March (Peru’s Rainy Season) The rainy season is actually the warmest time in Peru, as well as being the wettest season.

What happens to the Peru Current as it reaches the equator?

The direction of cold air generally moves to the equator while warm air moves to the poles. … It goes from cool to warm as it gets closer to the equator. What happens to the peru current as it reaches the equator? The West Wind Drift flows to the east.

Where is Peru blowing now?

THE HUMBOLDT CURRENT, also known as the Peru Current, is an ocean current that flows along the western coast of South America, affecting the water and air temperatures of coastal CHILE and PERU.

How does the Humboldt current affect the climate of the South American coast answer?

Humboldt current is a cold ocean current flowing towards the north along the west coast of South America from the southern part of Chile to northern Peru. Thus, it brings cold water into warm water areas of northern Peru having a cooling influence in the climates of these regions.

Which surface current is deflected by the continent of South America?

Brazil Current, branch of the Atlantic South Equatorial Current, flowing southward in the South Atlantic Ocean along the eastern coast of South America from Cape St. Roque, Brazil, to about latitude 30°–40° S, where the northward-flowing Falkland Current deflects it to the east.