Best answer: What factors explain the locations of Earth’s tropical wet and tropical wet and dry climates?

How do tropical wet and tropical wet and dry climate regions differ?

What is the difference between a tropical wet and a tropical wet and dry climate? Tropical dry climates occur in deserts, while tropical wet climates usually occur along the rainforest belt. Tropical wet and dry climates have a distinct dry season and a distinct wet season.

What factor causes the alternating wet and dry seasons of a tropical wet and dry savanna climate?

For example, rainfall in the savanna decreases from east to west. They are also the cause of the alternating dry and wet seasons. During summer, onshore winds bring rain and in winter, offshore winds keep the savanna region dry.

What two factors make a tropical climate different from all other types of climate?

Answer: Distinction between wet and drought seasons, the tropical monsoon climate is different from other tropical climates because of its uneven precipitation throughout the year. The precipitation is heavy in the summer, and a short-drought season occurs in the winter.

Where are tropical wet climates found in the United States?

In the United States, only Hawaii and southern Florida have tropical climates. The islands of Hawaii have a tropical wet climate that supports lush rain forests. Temperatures vary only a few degrees in the 70s°F.

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Why do the tropical savanna climates experience wet and dry seasons quizlet?

Which locations have mainly subtropical steppe climates? … Why do the tropical savanna climates experience wet and dry seasons? the ITCZ is more distant in the low sun season and closer during the high sun season. Why is sea-level change a serious concern?