Best answer: What facts make Canada vulnerable to climate change?

What makes a country more vulnerable to climate change?

In conclusion, the researchers of this study determined that a nation’s vulnerability to climate change is determined by the availability of market natural resources, as well as whether the given nation had a thorough knowledge on the negative consequences of climate change, as this information has served as the …

Who is the most vulnerable to climate change?

Other groups that are particularly vulnerable to the health effects of climate change include: pregnant women, immigrant groups (including those with limited English proficiency), indigenous peoples, the disabled, vulnerable occupational groups, such as workers who are exposed to extreme weather, and people with pre- …

Who is vulnerable to climate change?

“Those are things we have to look at.” For vulnerable populations, such as children, low-income people, people with disabilities, pregnant people and minorities, the health effects of climate change-related extreme weather events can be especially devastating.

How does climate affect Canada?

Atlantic Canada is one regions in Canada most threatened by global climate change. The region will experience more storm events, increasing storm intensity, rising sea levels, storm surges, coastal erosion and flooding from a warming in global temperatures.

What is economic vulnerability in climate change?

Economic vulnerability

At its basic level, a community that is economically vulnerable is one that is ill-prepared for the effects of climate change because it lacks the needed financial resources.

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