Best answer: What is climate what four abiotic factors are its components?

What is climate What four factors are its component?

what four factors are its components? climate is the long term, prevailing weather conditions in a given area. temperature, precipitation, sunlight, and wind are the four factors the comprise climate.

Why do we say that hiking from Gatlinburg Tennessee at 393 m of elevation in the Smoky Mountains to the top of Mount LeConte at 2010 m is like traveling to Canada?

So the reason we can say that hiking from Gatlinburg, Tennessee, at 393 meters of elevation in the Smoky Mountains region, to the top of Mount LeConte, at 2,010 meters, is like traveling to Canada is because we are increasing in elevation and we are increasing in latitude from the equator so it is getting colder just

Why is the Pacific Northwest so rainy what causes the Mediterranean climate?

What causes the Mediterranean climate? The Pacific Northwest is so rainy because the ocean currents changes the temperature of the air mass as it passes through land. The Mediterranean climate happens due to the Gulf Stream carrying warm water from the equator North Atlantic.

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What is the difference between Macroclimate and microclimate?

What is the difference between macroclimate and microclimate? Macroclimate consists of patterns on the global, regional, and landscape level while microclimate consists of very fine patterns (climate of community of organisms under a fallen log).

What is climate What abiotic factors are its components quizlet?

Long term prevailing weather conditions in an area. Its four factors are: temperature, sunlight, precipitation, and wind. … The cold air then flows down from the poles and changes the temperature and precipitation in certain areas.

What is the largest marine biome and how much of the earth’s surface does it cover?

A major terrestrial or aquatic life zone, characterized by vegetation type in terrestrial biomes or physical environment in aquatic biomes. What is the largest marine biome and how much of Earth’s surface does it cover? The largest marine biome are oceans that cover 75% of Earth’s surface.

What factors affect where plants and animals live?

The geographic ranges of most plant and animal species are limited by climatic factors, including temperature, precipitation, soil moisture, humidity, and wind. Any shift in the magnitude or variability of these factors in a given location will impact the organisms living there.

How is Mediterranean climate different from temperate grassland climate write in four points?

Explanation: A Mediterranean climate is a subtropical dry climate. Mediterranean climates are known for their scrub ecosystems, which usually contain many kinds of oaks, pines and palms. … A temperate grassland climate is a temperate dry climate which has little to no tree cover.

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What is the difference between weather and climate?

Weather refers to short term atmospheric conditions while climate is the weather of a specific region averaged over a long period of time. Climate change refers to long-term changes.

What are the factors affecting macro climate?

Macroclimate is Affected By:

  • Topography- The Shape of the land.
  • Sun angle exposure.
  • Vegetation.
  • Water body.
  • Physical Infrastructure.
  • Urban Layout.
  • Energy Demand.
  • Open Spaces.