Best answer: When did biodiversity become a word?

Where did the word biodiversity come from?

The word BIODIVERSITY originates from the Greek word BIOS = LIFE and Latin word DIVERSITAS = VARIETY or DIFFERENCE. The whole word BIO DIVERSITY generally therefore means: VARIETY OF LIFE.

Who introduced the term biodiversity basically?

The variety can be described at three levels → (a) Genetic diversity (b) Species diversity (c) Ecosystem diversity The term ‘biological diversity’ was invented by Thomas Lovejoy in 1980 and the term ‘biodiversity’ was introduced by water G. Rosen in 1985.

Who invented biodiversity?

Charles Darwin [2] identified the first principle of the origin of modern biodiversity, namely that all species were linked in a single great phylogeny, or tree of life, and that all could be traced back to a presumed single original species at some distant time in the geological past.

What does biodiversity literally mean its word parts?

Biodiversity is a shortened form of two words: biological diversity. Biological refers to the study of life forms; diversity means “many” and “different.” Construction, pollution, and climate change threaten many different species of plants and animals — these developments threaten biodiversity.

Is biodiversity a portmanteau?

Etymology. Biodiversity is a neologism and a portmanteau word, from bio and diversity.

How did biodiversity begin?

The history of biodiversity during the Phanerozoic era (the past 540 million years) begins with the rapid growth of the Cambrian explosion — the period in which most phyla of multicellular organisms appeared.

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