Best answer: Which ecosystem does not need sunlight?

What animal does not need sunlight?

From blind salamanders to glowing squid, a new book explores the incredible biodiversity found in places where the sun doesn’t shine. Snipe eel, phantom anglerfish, cockatoo squid. Don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of these creatures, because even the scientists who study such things hardly ever see them.

What are the non living things of an ecosystem?

Nonliving things do not grow, need food, or reproduce. Some examples of important nonliving things in an ecosystem are sunlight, water, air, wind, and rocks. Living things grow, change, produce waste, reproduce, and die. Some examples of living things are organisms such as plants, animals, fungi, and bacteria.

How would a forest ecosystem change if no sunlight were available to it?

How might the forest ecosystem be affected if the sunlight is blocked for a day? … If there is no sunlight the plants will die. Then because of dead plants the herbivores will die and so on. the food chain will be very disrupted.

Do animals need sunlight to live?

Answer 2: Animals don’t need energy from the sun, not directly anyway. Animals get energy from the food they eat. … There are some ecosystems in the deep ocean that use geothermal energy, but we use sunlight, because we eat plants, or we eat things that themselves eat plants, etc.

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Do organisms need light?

Light, the essence of life itself. … Light is the main source of energy for all living organisms. Plants, main sustainers of life, are crucial in this conversion process and need light for photosynthesis that enables them to make their own food and food for others.

What happens if you get no sunlight?

‘A lack of sunlight can cause a multitude of problems such as weak bones, foot deformities, some cancers, depression, skin problems, weight gain and cognitive issues.

Is no sunlight unhealthy?

Deficiencies could increase the risk for osteoporosis, heart disease, some cancers, infectious diseases and even the flu, according to the Harvard School of Public Health. “Sun exposure is so important for your health,” said Dr.