Can you recycle p touch cartridges?

Are Brother P Touch cartridge recycling?

Customers who do not wish to receive promotional emails from Brother Canada can mail, at their own expense, their eligible and recyclable Brother Genuine toner cartridges to the Brother Canada Head Office at 1, Hôtel de Ville, Dollard-des_ormeaux, Quebec H9B 3H6 Canada. … Electronic Products Stewardship Canada (EPSC).

Can you put ink cartridges in the recycle bin?

Ink cartridges are in fact recyclable. They’re made from plastic and can be melted down and used to create other products. However, you don’t want to toss them in a standard recycle bin outside your home.

How do I dispose of toner cartridges?

Find Out More. You can drop off your used or empty laser and inkjet cartridges at all Officeworks stores and participating Australia Post, Cartridge World, Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, JB Hi-Fi, Office National and Office Products Depot outlets.

Can you throw away cartridges?

Printer ink cartridge need to be regularly replaced, but old ones are usually discarded right into the trash. … Many retailers will offer you a discount if you bring in your old cartridge for recycling, or provide recycling bins for drop off.

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What can I do with old Brother cartridges?

To participate in Brother’s toner and ink cartridge collection and recycling program, simply reuse the shipping box from your new Brother toner and ink cartridges to package and send back your used cartridges. Create a USPS SmartLabel® Through Your Brother Account for Free Shipping.

Can you recycle Epson ink cartridges?

About Printer Cartridge Recycling

Printer cartridges from participating brands are accepted in the Cartridges 4 Planet Ark program. … The six participating brands, Brother, Canon, Cartridge World, Epson, HP and Kyocera, pay for the collection and recycling of their cartridges.

How do I dispose of printer cartridges UK?

How to recycle your inkjet cartridges?

  1. Download and print your Freepost label to return your cartridges to Canon.
  2. Package your cartridges and apply the label to them.
  3. Place the packaging in your nearest post box.

Does Best Buy take old ink cartridges?

Best Buy offers ink cartridge recycling at all of their stores. For every cartridge you return you’ll receive a $2 coupon, plus, My Best Buy loyalty program members get 15% off the purchase of new ink.

CAN empty printer cartridges be recycled?

Printer ink cartridges and toners are classed as WEEE waste (Wasted electrical and electronic equipment). This means they cannot be recycled as part of your household waste so please do not put used products in your home recycling bin.

How do I recycle generic toner cartridges?

Drop them off at your local office supply store

Many office supply retailers will gladly take back your used or spent cartridges. If you have an office supply store in your area, check their website to see if the store accepts ink and toner cartridges, most will recycle them in a heartbeat!

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Are printer cartridges E waste?

Electronic waste (“E-waste”) consists of damaged or discarded electronic devices and associated materials. … Examples of e-waste include rechargeable batteries, toner and ink cartridges, cell phones and chargers, iPods, MP3 players, televisions and computers.