Does Lowe’s or Home Depot recycle fluorescent tubes?

Does Home Depot accept fluorescent tubes for recycling?

The EPA recommends that you bring old CFLs to qualified recyclers, rather than disposing of them in trash cans or curbside recycling bins. You can bring old CFLs to The Home Depot for free recycling. … If you’re concerned about the mercury content in CFLs, consider LED bulbs.

Can you recycle fluorescent bulbs at Lowes?

Keep in mind Lowe’s stores offer a recycling center (usually near the entrance) that accepts plastic bags, CFL bulbs, rechargeable batteries, and cellphones. … Simply bring your items in, follow instructions at the recycling center, or garden center, and Lowe’s will take care of the rest.

How do you dispose of 4 foot fluorescent tubes?

Place a broken fluorescent light tube in a resealable plastic bag. Place that bag inside another resealable plastic bag and dispose of the light tube in your household trash. If the 4-foot long tube will not fit inside a resealable plastic bag, double-bag it in plastic garbage bags and tie them off tightly.

Does Ace Hardware accept fluorescent tubes?

“Ace Hardware has taken a leadership position on this issue and will provide residents with a simple way to recycle used CFLs, fluorescent tubes and mercury-containing thermostats.”

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How do I dispose of fluorescent tubes?

NSW residents with used fluorescent lamps can take them to Household Chemical Cleanout collection events. This is a free service for the safe disposal of a range of common household chemicals, as well as fluorescent lamps.

What items does Home Depot recycle?

Other Materials Accepted

Batteries, Rechargeable, Household Recycle Residential
Electronics, Cell Phone Recycle Residential
Lighting, Compact Fluorescent Bulb (CFL) Recycle Residential
Lighting, LED Bulb Recycle Residential

Who recycles fluorescent tubes?

Take lamps and tubes to a household hazardous waste collection center or event. Find where to recycle or dispose fluorescent lamps and tubes at Where Can I Recycle My…?, or Earth 911, or call 800 CLEAN-UP (253-2687). Enter your zip code to find the nearest recycling center.

Are fluorescent bulbs recyclable?

Recycling CFLs and other fluorescent bulbs allows reuse of the glass, metals and other materials that make up fluorescent lights. Virtually all components of a fluorescent bulb can be recycled.

Are crushed fluorescent bulbs hazardous waste?

Fluorescent lamps that are not low-mercury or green-marked are generally considered to be regulated hazardous waste after their useful life. … Additionally, crushed lamps may not be managed as universal waste; rather, they are subject to hazardous waste requirements from the point of generation.

How much do fluorescent bulbs cost?

How much do T8 fluorescent lamps cost?

Lamp Lamp efficacy (LPW) Price per lamp
RE70 LL 86 $2.66 $3.07
RE80 91 $3.32 $3.38
RE80 LL 91 $4.79 $3.80
RE80 HLO, LL 95 $5.46 $13.24