Frequent question: How is fishpond affected by global climate change?

How does climate and climate change affect fisheries?

Warmer water initially accelerates the growth rate of marine organisms, but rising temperatures have metabolic effects and increase susceptibility to disease. Thus, some species may shift to deeper waters or move northward in response to ocean warming.

How does climate change affect freshwater animals?

The ecological effects of climate change on freshwaters of the region include: (1) a general increase in rates of primary production, organic matter decomposition and nutrient cycling as a result of higher temperatures and longer growing seasons: (2) reduction in habitat for cool water species, particularly fish and …

How does ocean warming affect fish?

Warmer waters impact fish in multiple ways. Toxins produced by algae blooms—which are occurring more frequently as temperatures rise—can stress or kill fish by clogging their gills or reducing oxygen levels in the water. Warmer waters also make fish more vulnerable to parasites and diseases.

Does mining cause global warming?

Mining is currently responsible for 4 to 7 percent of greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions globally.

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