How can we conserve wildlife and natural vegetation?

How can we conserve natural vegetation and wildlife?

Steps to be taken to conserve natural vegetation and wildlife are:

  1. we should not cut trees as this can effect the food chain of animals.
  2. we should atleast plant a baby plant every day.
  3. we should not kill any animal.
  4. we should decrease the use of plastics.
  5. we should keep our area pollution free.

How can we conserve our vegetation and wildlife Class 8?

National parks, wildlife sanctuaries, biosphere reserves are made to protect our natural vegetation and wildlife. Awareness programmes like social forestry and tree plantation- ‘Vanamahotsava’ are organised to conserve forests, which are a valuable natural resource.

How can we conserve wildlife?

Complete answer:

  1. Any legislation should be enacted to make it illegal to kill or capture endangered animals or birds. …
  2. Forest authorities should not allow the indiscriminate killing of wild birds and animals, regardless of their abundance.

Why and how should we conserve natural vegetation and wildlife?

Conservation of forest

Forest provide us with oxygen, they cause rainfall. Forest prevents soil erosion. Plants are dependent on animals and birds for their pollination and seed dispersal. … Various forest products are used as raw materials in industries.

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How can we conserve natural vegetation?

The best way to conserve the different species of animals and prevent poaching is by educating people about how important animals are to our ecosystem. Creation of national parks and biosphere reserves is another measure to protect our natural vegetation and wildlife.

What are the four ways to conserve natural vegetation?


  • Set up biosphere reserve, wildlife sanctuaries,national parks.
  • Preventing forests from fire.
  • Encouraging social awareness programs to plant trees, etc.
  • By discouraging the practice of shifting agriculture.
  • Restricting quarrying and mining.

How can we conserve wildlife in India?

How You Can Help Save India’s Endangered Wildlife

  1. Donate your time. Volunteering can be one of the most important ways of changing the status quo for endangered species. …
  2. Do your homework. …
  3. Buy responsibly. …
  4. Be environmentally conscientious. …
  5. Speak up. …
  6. Donate money.

How can we save wildlife and forest?

Developing protective areas such as national parks, wildlife sanctuaries to protect the animals in their natural habitat. The endangered and vulnerable species can be kept in captivity in places such as zoos and bred to increase their population. The cutting of forests should be strictly prohibited.