How do ocean currents influence climate provide at least three examples?

What are 3 things ocean currents do?

These currents move water masses through the deep ocean—taking nutrients, oxygen, and heat with them. Occasional events such as huge storms and underwater earthquakes can also trigger serious ocean currents, moving masses of water inland when they reach shallow water and coastlines.

What are ocean currents 2 examples?

Two major kinds of currents define the planet’s oceans: surface currents driven by wind and deep-water currents driven by variations in seawater density.

How do ocean currents influence climate in the coastal areas?

Warm and cold ocean currents can affect the climate of coastal regions, but only when local winds blow in from the sea. Warm currents heat the air over the ocean and bring higher temperatures over land. Cold currents can lower air temperatures and can bring colder temperatures over land.

What are ocean currents answer?

An ocean current is any more or less permanent or continuous, directed movement of ocean water that flows in one of the Earth’s oceans. The currents are generated from the forces acting upon the water like the earth’s rotation, the wind, the temperature and salinity differences and the gravitation of the moon.

What are ocean currents Class 9?

Ocean currents are streams of water flowing constantly on the ocean’s surface in definite directions. They are caused by differences in the temperature and salinity of water, by wind, solar heating and gravity. The winds majorly responsible for creating ocean currents are the Westerlies and the Trade winds.

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What are the different ocean currents that carry warm water give five 5 examples?

Western boundary currents are warm, deep, narrow, and fast flowing currents that form on the west side of ocean basins due to western intensification. They carry warm water from the tropics poleward. Examples include the Gulf Stream, the Agulhas Current, and the Kuroshio.

Where do ocean currents moderate global climate?

Ocean currents transfer heat from the equator toward the poles. This moderates Earth’s temperature.