How do the monsoons affect the climate in Southeast Asia quizlet?


How do monsoons affect the climate in South Asia?

Monsoons always blow from cold to warm regions. The summer monsoon and the winter monsoon determine the climate for most of India and Southeast Asia. The summer monsoon is associated with heavy rainfall. … The summer monsoon brings a humid climate and torrential rainfall to these areas.

How do monsoons affect the climate in East Asia?

The monsoon influences weather patterns as far north as Siberia, causing wet summers that contrast with the cold and dry winters caused by the Siberian High, which counterbalances the monsoon’s effect on northerly latitudes. … The spring-summer rainy season is referred to as “plum rain” in various languages of East Asia.

What are monsoons and when do they affect South Asia quizlet?

What is a monsoon and how does it affect South and Southeast Asia? A monsoon is a wind system. The summer monsoon blows from the southwest across the Indian Ocean toward South Asia. Monsoons bring rain which causes flooding but the rain is also important for growing crops.

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How do South Asia’s monsoons affect its population?

How do monsoons affect peoples lives in South Asia? They give them water and cause heavy rains. … Because when it overflows during the summer monsoons it can kill people and destroy their property.

What is the effect of monsoon in the Philippines?

While the rain may ease farmers to irrigate the rice fields, the heavy rainfall may trigger floods, landslides, and potentially endanger residents living near riverbanks. The typhoons that habagat brings, unfortunately, cause millions, sometimes billions, worth of reconstruction damage and kill hundreds of Filipinos.

How does climate change affect monsoon season?

As our atmosphere gets hotter with climate change, it’s able to essentially hold more water vapor and that’s changing how our monsoon behaves. “We don’t get as many storms, but when they do come, they’re tending to produce higher rainfall amounts, more intense rainfall, and more intense winds,” says Dr.

Which of the following may be a consequence of the monsoon season in South Asia quizlet?

The monsoons control the weather and can destroy farm land if they come too early or too late and cause starvation. They can also help the people though, with water for their crops, but if too much rainfall comes they can cause flooding.

What is Southeast Asia’s climate?

All of Southeast Asia experience a warm, humid tropical climate characterized by monsoons and plenty of rainfall throughout the year. … The monsoon causes wet and dry conditions in most parts of the region, with tropical rain belts causing additional rainfall.

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What causes monsoons in Asia?

The monsoons of Asia comprise a dry, cold winter phase and a wet, warm summer phase. … In summer, moisture is delivered from the Indian Ocean to the Indian subcontinent, Mainland Southeast Asia, and SW China in the case of the South Asian monsoon (SAM). This flow is driven by a low-pressure system in northern India.

What is monsoon type of climate?

India has a monsoon climate as its climate is influenced by the monsoon winds or the weather conditions that change from season to season. This happens due to the differential heating of land and water bodies and pressure situations.