How is habitat temperature measured?

What habitat gets the most precipitation?

The Ten Wettest Places In The World

Rank Place Location
1 Mawsynram Meghalaya State, India
2 Cherrapunji Meghalaya State, India
3 Tutunendo Colombia, South America
4 Cropp River New Zealand

What is the importance of temperature in water?

Why is Temperature Important? Temperature is a critical water quality and environmental parameter because it governs the kinds and types of aquatic life, regulates the maximum dissolved oxygen concentration of the water, and influences the rate of chemical and biological reactions.

How do you measure temperature?

There are 4 ways to take (measure) a temperature:

  1. Under the armpit (axillary method)
  2. In the mouth (oral method)
  3. In the ear (tympanic method)
  4. In the rectum/bum (rectal method)

What is the effect of warmer temperature to the fishes?

Warmer waters impact fish in multiple ways. Toxins produced by algae blooms—which are occurring more frequently as temperatures rise—can stress or kill fish by clogging their gills or reducing oxygen levels in the water. Warmer waters also make fish more vulnerable to parasites and diseases.

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