In which state of India Biodiversity is mostly found?

Which state of India has highest biodiversity?


No. Name of the Site State
1 Pannivelichira Kerala
2 Asramam Kerala
3 Cashew tree at the Nombizhi LP School Kerala
4 Pathiramanal Kerala

Which state in India is rich in biodiversity?

The Nicobar Islands represent India. These islands were declared as the world biosphere reserve in 2013 by the United Nations. These islands have a rich terrestrial as well as marine ecosystem including mangroves, seagrass beds, and coral reefs.

Where is maximum biodiversity found in India?

Option A: The maximum biodiversity is found in tropical rain forests as they are less seasonal, they are neither too hot nor too cold and are more predictable. Therefore, this is the correct option.

Where is biodiversity mostly found?

Some areas in the world, such as areas of Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, the southwestern United States, and Madagascar, have more biodiversity than others. Areas with extremely high levels of biodiversity are called hotspots.

Which state has the highest biodiversity?

Four states in particular stand out as having exceptional levels of biodiversity as measured by these four factors: California, Hawaii, Texas, and Alabama. California California is a remarkable state biologically, ranking highly in each of these categories.

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What is the rank of India in biodiversity?

India ranks fourth in Asia and tenth in the world in plant diversity, the Birsa Agricultural University (BAU) Vice Chancellor, N N Singh, has said. “India boasts of 45,000 plants and 91,000 animal species,” Singh said delivering a special lecture on Agro-biodiversity and farmers’ rights at BAU Saturday.

Which area in India is rich in diversity?

The correct answer is Western Ghat. Western Ghat is a bio-diversity-rich place in India. Biodiversity hotspots are located only in tropical regions. India has four biodiversity hotspots, i.e., Eastern Himalayas, Western Himalayas, Western Ghats, and Andaman, and the Nicobar Islands.

Where one can find the greatest biodiversity on the earth?

Summary: Amazonia represents the quintessence of biodiversity – the richest ecosystem on earth. Yet a study by Smithsonian scientists, published this week in the journal Science, shows that differences in species composition of tropical forests are greater over distance in Panama than in Amazonia.