What are the environmental problems caused by the green revolution?

What are the main effects of Green Revolution on Environment explain?

But Green revolution has some adverse impact on environment in forms of deforestation, land degradation, loss of biodiversity, increase in greenhouse gas emissions etc. For example, before the revolution, it is speculated that there were over 3000 variants of rice.

What are the impacts of Green Revolution?

The green revolution led to high productivity of crops through adapted measures, such as (1) increased area under farming, (2) double-cropping, which includes planting two crops rather than one, annually, (3) adoption of HYV of seeds, (4) highly increased use of inorganic fertilizers and pesticides, (5) improved …

What are the harmful effects of the Green Revolution Class 9?

It has some negative effects as below:

  • The use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides caused erosion and pollution.
  • Loss of genetic diversity.
  • In drier locations, wheat yield gains fell drastically.
  • Excessive irrigation led to problems like leaching, water logging, etc. Was this answer helpful? Similar questions.
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What are disadvantages of Green Revolution?

What are the two drawbacks of green revolution? It created a lack of biodiversity in the global cropland structures. It can be wiped out with one devastating disease. It reduces the quality of the soil used for growing crops.

What are the pros and cons of the green revolution?

The Green Revolution – Pros And Cons

  • Increased Food Production. …
  • Low Food Prices. …
  • Environmental Sustainability. …
  • Improved Immunity In Plants. …
  • Reduced Need For Fallowing. …
  • Accurate Harvest Predictions. …
  • The Greenhouse Technique. …
  • Green Revolution Crops Are Dependent on Fertilizer.

Why the Green Revolution was bad?

“The Green Revolution Was Bad for the Environment.” … The Green Revolution did, however, bring environmental problems. Fertilizers and pesticides were often used excessively or inappropriately, polluting waterways and killing beneficial insects and other wildlife.

What do you know about Green Revolution on environment and its harmful effects on environment class 9?

The extinction of distinct indigenous crops can be seen as a result of the green revolution. … Some of the negative impacts of the green revolution were – loss of soil nutrients, large scale use of pesticides, unsustainable practices for getting more yield, increased rates of suicide, etc.

What is Green Revolution write any three negative effects of green revolution on environment?

1. The fertility of the soil has become poor due to the implementation of modern techniques. 2. The use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has resulted in the loss of soil fertility.

What are the negative impact of green revolution in Class 12?

(b) It raised the availability of food in the country. Negative : (a)It had increased polarisation between classes and regions. (b)The stark contrast between poor peasantry and the landlords produced conditions favourable for the left-wing organisations to organise the poor peasants.

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