What are the three main types of waste in a care home?

What are the three main types of waste in care?

Types of Healthcare Waste

  • Clinical Waste. Clinical waste (sometimes referred to as ‘healthcare waste’) is that which poses a risk of infection or contamination. …
  • Cytotoxic Waste. …
  • Offensive Waste. …
  • Domestic Waste. …
  • Anatomical Waste. …
  • Environmental Risks. …
  • Clinical Waste. …
  • Cytotoxic Waste.

What are the 3 waste categories?

Classifying waste

  • special waste.
  • liquid waste.
  • hazardous waste.
  • restricted solid waste.
  • general solid waste (putrescible)
  • general solid waste (non-putrescible)

What are the types of wastes?

List of waste types

  • Agricultural waste.
  • Animal by-products.
  • Biodegradable waste.
  • Biomedical waste.
  • Bulky waste.
  • Business waste.
  • Chemical waste.
  • Clinical waste.

What are the 4 major types of medical waste?

There are generally 4 different kinds of medical waste: infectious, hazardous, radioactive, and general.

What are three hazardous waste examples?

Some examples of hazardous wastes you may find around your house include(1):

  • antifreeze.
  • batteries.
  • brake fluid.
  • chemical strippers.
  • chlorine bleach.
  • contact cement.
  • drain cleaners.
  • fire extinguishers.

What is a domestic waste?

Domestic waste is waste that is generated as a result of the ordinary day-to-day use of a domestic premise and is either: … collected by or on behalf of a local government as part of a waste collection and disposal system.

What are the examples of solid waste?

Examples of solid wastes include the following materials when discarded:

  • waste tires.
  • septage.
  • scrap metal.
  • latex paints.
  • furniture and toys.
  • garbage.
  • appliances and vehicles.
  • oil and anti-freeze.
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