What do you understand by the term climate and what is architectural climatology?

What is a climate term?

Climate is the average weather in a given area over a longer period of time. A description of a climate includes information on, e.g. the average temperature in different seasons, rainfall, and sunshine. Also a description of the (chance of) extremes is often included.

What is the role of climate in architecture?

Climate plays a very important role in architectural and building forms. The comparison of climatic data and the requirements for thermal comfort provides the basis for the selection of building form and building elements appropriate for the climate so as to create necessary internal comfort.

What is the relationship between architecture and climatology?

Architecture and climate have always been linked in a pattern of mutual influence. In its role as a provider of shelter, architecture intentionally modifies the climate of an immediate area – and traditionally, its design has been shaped by the stresses and opportunities inherent in the regional climate.

What are climatology branches?

branches of climatology

main lines: regional climatology and physical climatology.

How is climatology related to geography?

Descriptive climatology deals with the observed geographic or temporal distribution of meteorological observations over a specified period of time. Scientific climatology addresses the nature and controls of the earth’s climate and the causes of climate variability and change on all timescales.

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What is studied in climatology?

Climatology is the study of atmospheric conditions over a longer period of time. It includes the study of different kinds of weather that occur at a place. Dynamic change in the atmosphere brings about variation and occasionally great extremes that must be treated on the long term as well as the short term basis.

What is climate short answer?

Climate is the long-term pattern of weather in a particular area. Weather can change from hour-to-hour, day-to-day, month-to-month or even year-to-year. A region’s weather patterns, usually tracked for at least 30 years, are considered its climate.

What is climate in geography class 7?

The average weather condition of a place for a longer period of time is called the climate of the place. Weather pattern of more than 20 years is considered for defining the climate of a place.

What is climate simple words?

In simple terms climate is the average condition for about thirty years. Climate and weather are different. Weather is the day to day conditions in the atmosphere. The types of climates are: Tropical, Desert/dry, Temperate, Polar, Mediterranean. … Temperate climates have four seasons.