What’s a different word for habitat?

Which word means almost the same as habitats?

Words related to habitat

cave, dwelling, environment, haven, nest, surroundings, terrain, territory, abode, accommodations, address, apartment, berth, biosphere, condo, condominium, crib, den, digs, domicile.

What is another name for land based habitat?

A terrestrial ecosystem is a land-based community of organisms and the interactions of biotic and abiotic components in a given area. Examples of terrestrial ecosystems include the tundra, taigas, temperate deciduous forests, tropical rainforests, grasslands, and deserts.

Whats the word for where animals live?

A habitat is a place where an organism makes its home. A habitat meets all the environmental conditions an organism needs to survive.

Is biome another word for habitat?

Biome Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for biome?

ecosystem habitat
grassland tundra

What are the two main types of habitat?

Two main types of habitat are water and land. Some animals are more comfortable when they are wet, and others when they are dry! What do you prefer? See if you can decide which of the habitats below are water habitats, and which are land habitats.

What do you mean by word habitat?

1a : the place or environment where a plant or animal naturally or normally lives and grows. b : the typical place of residence of a person or a group the arctic habitat of the Inuit.

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What is the sentence of habitat?

(1) This type of owl prefers a desert habitat. (2) If the heart has no place where the habitat is wandering. (3) This creature’s natural habitat is the jungle. (4) The panda’s natural habitat is the bamboo forest.