Where is the most biodiverse ecosystem on earth?

Which ecosystem in the world is considered the most diverse?

Do you know that more than 40 percent of world’s animal and plant species live or breed in wetlands? This incredible figure makes wetlands the most biologically diverse ecosystem in the world.

What is the second most biodiverse place on earth?

Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in the world

22,850 Flowering plants
4,270 Orchids
3,274 Butterflies
2,000 Marine fish
1,921 Birds

Is the ocean the most biodiverse place on Earth?

In fact, 80 percent of life on Earth is found in the ocean, spread across countless ecosystems throughout millions of square miles covering Earth’s surface. The ocean is amazingly diverse.

Where is the least biodiverse place on Earth?

The arctic regions of the world have the least biodiversity because plants don’t survive in the extreme cold and ice that cover these regions year-round. However, life does exist in the arctic regions, mostly affiliated with the seas that surround them.

What is the most biodiverse country in Europe?

Italy has the highest level of faunal biodiversity in Europe, with over 57,000 species recorded, representing more than a third of all European fauna.

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Which community is the most biodiverse?

Summary: Amazonia represents the quintessence of biodiversity – the richest ecosystem on earth. Yet a study by Smithsonian scientists, published this week in the journal Science, shows that differences in species composition of tropical forests are greater over distance in Panama than in Amazonia.

What is the most biodiverse river in the world?

Cahaba River Biodiversity – Cahaba River Society.