Why is marine biodiversity so high in benthic environments?

Why do most marine species live in the benthic zone?

Of all marine species, 98% live on or in the ocean floor. These organisms are called benthos, or bottom dwellers. … Because light does not penetrate very deep ocean-water, the energy source for the benthic ecosystem is often organic matter from higher up in the water column which drifts down to the depths.

Where is marine biodiversity the greatest?

The greatest marine biodiversity occurs in coral reefs, estuaries, and on the deep-sea ocean floor. 2. Biodiversity is higher near the coasts because of great variety of producers, habitats, and nursery areas.

How is a marine environment different from a benthic environment?

Organisms living in marine biota can be classified into planktons and nektons surviving in the pelagic environment, whereas benthos lives in the benthic environment. Some of the benthic producers are microalgae, macroalgae, sea grass, etc.

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Why is benthic zone so important?

Despite being out of sight, the benthic zone is a highly important contributor to lake ecosystems. This area alone offers spawning, foraging and shelter opportunities for various aquatic species. The benthic zones in the shallow shoreline waters provide ideal conditions for fish and amphibian spawning.

Why 98% of marine species inhabit the benthic environment instead of the pelagic environment?

In the ocean, the benthic environment has many habitats, or niches, for organisms. Therefore the benthic environment can support more species due to more niches, or specialized habitats, for a wider variety of organisms than the fairly uniform open waters of the pelagic environment.

Does the marine have high biodiversity?

The world’s oceans contain somewhere between 500,000 and 10 million marine species. bacteria, other microbes and viruses. Much of the biodiversity in the ocean, particularly in the deep sea and in the microbial ocean, is unknown, and up to 2,000 new species are described per year.

Why is diversity in the marine environment lower than in the terrestrial environment?

1,5 As water has high specific heat capacity, temperature fluctuations in the marine ecosystems are much lower (i.e. both diurnal and seasonal basis) than occur in terrestrial ecosystems of similar climates. … Gases are also more available in terrestrial ecosystems than in marine ecosystems.

Why is high biodiversity advantageous over low biodiversity?

The higher the biodiversity of an ecosystem, the more sustainable it is. Conversely, lower biodiversity equals less sustainability. The biodiversity of an ecosystem contributes to the sustainability of that ecosystem. Higher/more biodiversity = more sustainable.

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Why is biodiversity so important in our oceans?

Healthy marine ecosystems are important for society since they provide services including food security, feed for livestock , raw materials for medicines, building materials from coral rock and sand, and natural defenses against hazards such as coastal erosion and inundation. …

What are the 4 reasons why it is so difficult to protect marine biodiversity?

Protecting marine biodiversity is challenging because it is difficult to monitor the impact of the human ecological footprint, oceans are unseen by most people, oceans are often thought to be inexhaustible resources, and most of the ocean area lies outside of the jurisdiction of any nation.

What is marine biodiversity?

Marine biodiversity is an aggregation of highly inter-connected ecosystem components or features, encompassing all levels of biological organization from genes, species, populations to ecosystems, with the diversity of each level having structural and functional attributes (Table 1).

Where is benthic biomass highest?

Benthic biomass is higher, and dominated by larger size classes, in areas of the deep-sea overlain by temperate waters than in those overlain by tropical seas (Galeron et al., 2000, Thurston et al., 1998).

Which benthic marine habitat is the most sparsely populated Why?

4. Which benthic marine habitat is the most sparsely populated? Why? Life on the deep ocean floor is more plentiful and obvious than in the bathypelagic water above, but as bottoms go, the density of life at great depths tends to be low.

What is the benthic environment quizlet?

The region near the bottom of a pond, lake, or ocean. The mass of mostly microscopic organisms that float or drift freely in freshwater and marine environments.

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