You asked: Is recycled glass countertops more expensive than granite?

Are recycled glass countertops cheaper?

The price of installing recycled glass countertops will usually increase between 4% and 12% in homes with complicated layouts or installations, and homes in major urban areas will usually be near the higher end of pricing. Thicker slabs and complex edge requirements will also increase the base price.

Are recycled glass worktops expensive?

Glass countertops can be expensive.

In comparison with other materials, glass countertops are less budget-friendly. … Also, getting a professional to install a glass counter is a must because of the risk of cracks and chips.

Is recycled glass countertops cheaper than quartz?

Quartz is also very competitively-priced compared to the cost for recycled glass countertops. They can start as low as $40 per square foot, all the way up to $100-plus for custom, ultra-luxurious designs.

How much does recycled glass cost?

On average, recycled glass countertops cost $75 per square foot for materials alone. This number can fluctuate depending on the brand and type. Materials range from $50 to $110 per square foot+.

Recycled Glass Countertop Prices.

Type Material Per Square Foot
Sea Glass $70+
Crushed $50-$100
Vetrazzo $85-$165
IceStone $45+
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What are the pros and cons of recycled glass countertops?

Recycled Glass Countertops Pros and Cons

  • Durability. The glass used in countertops is extremely durable. …
  • Environmentally Friendly. …
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance. …
  • Versatility. …
  • Damage Control. …
  • Harmful Substances. …
  • Expensive Proposition. …
  • Not Completely Earth Friendly.

Do glass countertops scratch?

Scratch resistance – Even though glass countertops are extremely durable and heat resistant, they do scratch so you’ll need to use cutting boards for chopping.

What is the cheapest countertop?

Cheap Countertop Options per Square Foot*

Ceramic Tile $5-$30
Natural Stone/Granite Tile $10-$30
Vinyl Laminate/Formica $25-$50
Corian $35-$65
Solid Surface $35-$70

How do you get stains out of recycled glass countertops?

The best way to clean a recycled glass surface is simply to wipe with a damp cloth or sponge. You can clean with warm water mixed with a small amount of mild soap as often as necessary to maintain a clean surface.

What are recycled glass countertops made of?

A recycled glass countertop is composed of 100% recycled glass (post consumer and pre-consumer) in a cement- or petroleum-based binder. A finished recycled glass countertop often ranges from 70 to 85 percent in recycled content.