You asked: What part of speech is the word ecology?

Is ecology a noun verb or adjective?

noun, plural e·col·o·gies for defs. 2, 3. the branch of biology dealing with the relations and interactions between organisms and their environment, including other organisms.

What is the meaning of ecology noun?

1 : a branch of science concerned with the relationships between living things and their environment. 2 : the pattern of relationships between living things and their environment. ecology. noun. ecol·​o·​gy | -jē

How do you use the word ecology in a sentence?

the branch of biology concerned with the relations between organisms and their environment.

  1. To keep ecology in balance is our duty.
  2. One of them is a card-carrying ecology freak.
  3. The Ecology Party fielded 109 candidates .
  4. She hopes to study ecology at college.

What is the adjective of ecology?

ecological. Relating to ecology, the interrelationships of organisms and their environment. Not harmful to the environment.

What is the noun of ecologist?

noun. /iˈkɒlədʒɪst/ /iˈkɑːlədʒɪst/ ​a scientist who studies ecologyTopics The environmentc1.

What is the noun form of ecological?

ecosystem. A system formed by an ecological community and its environment that functions as a unit. The interconnectedness of organisms (plants, animals, microbes) with each other and their environment.

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What’s another word for ecological?

What is another word for ecological?

green environmental
biological natural
organic eco-friendly
ecologically friendly environmentally friendly
ecofriendly conservation

What do you mean ecologist?

An ecologist is a scientist who studies how animals and plants interact with their environment. … Ecology is a word that comes from the Greek oikos, meaning “house.” Basically, ecologists study the environment like it’s a big house, and all the living creatures in it are roommates.

What is the source of the word ecology?

The word ecology was coined by the German zoologist Ernst Haeckel, who applied the term oekologie to the “relation of the animal both to its organic as well as its inorganic environment.” The word comes from the Greek oikos, meaning “household,” “home,” or “place to live.” Thus, ecology deals with the organism and its …

What is ecology biology?

Ecology is the scientific study of the distribution and abundance of organisms, the interaction among organisms, and the interactions between organisms and their abiotic environment.