Your question: What do environmental anthropologists study quizlet?

What do environmental anthropologists do?

Jobs in environmental anthropology include positions for researchers who study the relationship between human behavior and development and the physical environment. Your responsibilities as an environmental anthropologist are to research how the environment reacts to humans and affects human development.

What is environmental anthropology quizlet?

Environmental Anthropology. The field that studies how different societies understand, interact with, and make changes to the natural world.

What is the focus of the environmental anthropologist?

Environmental anthropology is a sub-discipline of anthropology that examines the complex relationships between humans and the environments which they inhabit.

Why do environmental anthropologists study formal nature protection?

Famines are often caused by not environmental factors but social factors like inequality. Sustainable development for indigenous people involves which of the following elements? Which of the following is a key argument of ethnobiologist Brent Berlin, who compared human classification system?

Why is environmental anthropology important?

Because human activities have changed the earth’s atmosphere, anthropologists can make important contributions to studies of geology, chemistry, and meteorology by considering the effects of humans and their cultural systems.

What is scientific ecological knowledge?

Traditional Ecological Knowledge, also called by other names including Indigenous Knowledge or Native Science, (hereafter, TEK) refers to the evolving knowledge acquired by indigenous and local peoples over hundreds or thousands of years through direct contact with the environment.

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How do anthropologists study economics?

Economic anthropologists study processes of production, circulation and consumption of different sorts of objects in social settings. ‘Objects’ includes material things, as well as what people do for each other (such as provide labour and services) and less visible objects (such as names, ideas and so forth).

What do development anthropologists do?

Development anthropologists share a commitment to simultaneously critique and contribute to projects and institutions that create and administer Western projects that seek to improve the economic well-being of the most marginalized, and to eliminate poverty.

What do environmental sociologists do?

An environmental sociologist is a sociologist who studies society-environment interactions such as the environmental movement, how people in societies perceive environmental problems, the relationships between population, health, and the environment, globalization, and the mechanisms behind environmental injustice.