Your question: Why maximum biodiversity is found in tropical region?

Why is biodiversity found mostly in tropical regions?

With increased energy availability at lower latitudes, tropical habitats can support more species with minimum viable populations, contributing directly to α-diversity (alpha-diversity, the mean species diversity within a habitat at a local scale).

Why do tropics show the greatest level of species richness?

(1) Tropical latitudes receive more solar energy than temperate regions, which leads to high productivity and high species diversity. (2) Tropical regions have less seasonal variations and have a more or less constant environment. This promotes the niche specialization and thus, high species richness.

Why is there less diversity in temperate region?

What is the reason for this difference? Tropical and temperate areas have seen different rates and timing of habitat loss. The major cause of biodiversity loss in recent times is habitat destruction and degradation. … Temperate areas had already lost over half their broadleaf forests by 1950.

Why is tropical environment able to support greater species diversity give any two reasons?

Tropical environments, unlike temperate ones, are less seasonal, relatively more constant and predictable. Such constant environments promote niche specialization and lead to a greater species diversity.

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What is tropical biodiversity?

Biodiversity is defined as the variety of all forms of life, from genes to species, through to the broad scale of ecosystems. … The tropics represent a remarkable biodiversity, including plants, birds, insects like especially ants, beetles, butterflies and termites; amphibians, mammals, and other organism groups.

What is the impact of greater niche specialization on biodiversity?

A constant environment promotes niche specialization, and leads to a greater species diversity. More solar energy is available in the tropics. It contributes to higher productivity. It may have indirectly contributed to greater diversity in the tropics.

Why species inventories are more complete in temperate than in tropical countries?

The groups of species inventories are complete in temperate regions rather than in tropical regions. Why? This is due to the reason that temperate regions harbour less species than the tropical regions. … Thus, the lists of species at temperate region is complete while in tropical regions, it is still incomplete.

Which of the following is not the reason of high biodiversity in tropics?

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Yaa…the right answer is “Greater environmental variations“…