Is Ecuador a biodiversity hotspot?

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Does Ecuador have biodiversity?

Despite its relatively small size, it hosts approximately 10% of the world’s biodiversity. Transected by both the equator and the Andean mountain chain, and bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Ecuador encompasses four distinct regions each with its own natural and cultural beauty, charm and value.

Why is Ecuador so diverse?

There are towering Andean mountains, and there is Amazon rainforest. There is also the Galapagos Islands. The geographic situation of Ecuador is what gives this small country its tremendous diversity. … The wide array of landscapes in Ecuador provides plentiful opportunities for active adventures.

What are the ecosystems of Ecuador?

Ecuador is home to four major ecosystems:

the rough and jagged landscapes surrounding the towering Andes, the misty and mysterious cloud forests, the tropical rainforests of the Amazon, and the sunny, white-sand Galápagos Islands.

How many species are there in Ecuador?

Ecuador has eight percent of the planet’s animal species and 18 percent of its bird species. Nearly 3800 species of vertebrates, 1550 of mammals, 350 of reptiles, 375 of amphibians, 800 of freshwater fish and 450 of saltwater fish have been identified.

How many species of plants are there in Ecuador?

Some 25, 000 species of vascular plants reside in Ecuador, and new species are being discovered every year. Compare this number to the 17, 000 species found on the North American continent!

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