Quick Answer: What are the overall policy goals of Ethiopian environmental policy?

What is the main goal of environmental policy?

The main goal of environmental policy is to regulate resource use or reduce pollution to promote human welfare and/or protect natural systems.

What are the major environmental policy of Ethiopia?

The Conservation Strategy of Ethiopia (CSE) and the Environmental policy of Ethiopia (EPE) were adopted in 1997. Federal laws on environmental organs establishment, environmental pollution control, solid waste management, and environmental impact assessment (EIA) as well as effluent emission standards have been issued.

What kind of policies do you think are important for Ethiopia?

The three main policies are the Health Policy, the Water Resources Management Policy and the Environmental Policy.

What are environmental goals?

Environmental objectives are goals, preferably quantified, that are set by an organization to assist in the achievement of continual improvement and prevention of pollution according to commitments made in the environmental policy.

What should an environmental policy include?

In addition, your environmental policy should contain brief statements on the following: The business mission and information about its operations. … A commitment to continually improve your environmental performance. A commitment to prevent pollution and effectively manage your significant environmental impacts.

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What is Ethiopian Environmental Policy?

The Environmental Policy overall goal aims to improve and enhance the health and quality of life of all Ethiopians and to promote sustainable social and economic development through the sound management and use of natural, human-made and cultural resources and the environment to meet the needs of the present and future …

What are the major environmental problems in Ethiopia?

With the exception of climate change, the major environmental issues affecting Ethiopia are soil erosion and land degradation, deforestation and forest degradation, water scarcity, biodiversity loss, and various types of pollution.

What is the main function of environmental policy a prevent the use of natural resources?

Environmental policy is aimed at balancing environmental protection and the conservation of natural resources with other policy goals, such as affordable energy as well as economic growth and employment.

What is Ethiopian development policy?

The present Rural Development Policy and Strategies underscores one basic objective with regard to economic development, i.e. to build a market economy in which: i) a broad spectrum of the Ethiopian people are beneficiaries; ii) dependence on food aid is eliminated; and, iii) rapid economic growth is assured.

Why development policy is important in Ethiopian context?

Effective formulation and implementation rural development policies and strategies in an integrated and inclusive manner at various levels of government administration, is therefore, crucial for eradicating poverty and ensuring sustainable development.

What is Ethiopian agricultural policy?

Ethiopia’s Agricultural Sector Policy and Investment Framework (PIF) is a sectoral national policy applicable for the period of 2010-2020. … accelerate agricultural commercialisation and agroindustrial development; 3. reduce degradation and improve productivity of natural resources; and 4.

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