What are the main environmental issues in Malaysia?

The national statistics showed that the state of some of the Malaysian environment is rather stressful. Urban air quality, river water quality, deforestation, household wastes and hazardous wastes are some of the examples of environmental issues faced by the nation.

What are the environmental issues in Malaysia?

Deforestation is a major issue in the country that has led to many species to become threatened with extinction. As a major economic sector, palm oil production has had a substantial environmental impact.


  • Hulu Terengganu Hydroelectric Project.
  • Kelau Dam.
  • Bukit Cherakah.
  • Ulu Padas.
  • Pulai River.
  • Sungai Mas.

What are the main environmental issues in Malaysia what causes the problems?

regime and procedures for dealing with the three main environmental issues in Malaysia – water pollution, air pollution, and industrial waste. China’s environmental crisis is one of the most pressing challenges to emerge from the country’s rapid industrialization.

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What are the 5 biggest environmental issues?

Some of the key issues are:

  • Pollution. …
  • Global warming. …
  • Overpopulation. …
  • Waste disposal. …
  • Ocean acidification. …
  • Loss of biodiversity. …
  • Deforestation. …
  • Ozone layer depletion.

How serious are the environmental issues in Malaysia?

Malaysia is among many other countries worldwide that believe in the existence and threat of climate change. As a peninsular country, the impact of climate change could also pose a serious threat to those living in coastal communities due to the rise of sea level and tidal inundation, among others.

What are environmental issues?

Major current environmental issues may include climate change, pollution, environmental degradation, and resource depletion. The conservation movement lobbies for protection of endangered species and protection of any ecologically valuable natural areas, genetically modified foods and global warming.

What is the environment of Malaysia?

According to the Köppen climate classification system, Malaysia has a tropical rainforest climate due to its proximity to the equator. The country is hot and humid all year round, with an average temperature of 27 °C (80.6 °F) and almost no variability in the yearly temperature.

What is environment and environmental pollution?

Environmental pollution is defined as “the contamination of the physical and biological components of the earth/atmosphere system to such an extent that normal environmental processes are adversely affected.

What are the social issues in Malaysia?

For examples of social problems in Malaysia include crime, violence, gangsterism, drug abuse, baby dumping, vandalism, and young relationship among youth.

What is the environmental regulation used in Malaysia?

The legislation that is related to the prevention, abatement, control of pollution and enhancement of the environment in Malaysia is the Environmental Quality Act, 1974. The Act restricts the discharge of wastes into the environment in contravention of the acceptable conditions.

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What are the top 10 environmental issues?

The top ten environmental issues are these:

  • Climate Change.
  • Energy.
  • Water.
  • Biodiversity and Land Use.
  • Chemicals, Toxics and Heavy Metals.
  • Air Pollution.
  • Waste Management.
  • Ozone Layer Depletion.

What are the 5 major environmental problems and solutions?

What Are the Top 5 Environmental Concerns for 2019?

  • Biodiversity. Biodiversity is the most complex and vital feature of our planet. …
  • Water. Water pollution is a huge concern for us and our environment. …
  • Deforestation. We need plants and trees to survive. …
  • Pollution. …
  • Climate Change.

What are the biggest environmental issues of today?

From air pollution to the depletion of non-renewable resources, the nation is beginning to recognize and address environmental issues within its borders.

  • Deforestation. Each year, the U.S. population grows by more than 1,700,000 people. …
  • Air Pollution. …
  • Global Warming. …
  • Water Pollution. …
  • Natural Resource Depletion.

What are the main causes of pollution in Malaysia?

Air pollution in Malaysia falls into three main categories: air pollution due to exhaust gas from mobile emission sources such as motor vehicles, principally in urban areas; haze caused by the weather and by forest fires in neighboring Indonesia; and pollution caused by industrial activities.

What is the main pollutant commonly reported in river pollution cases in Malaysia?

The major pollutants in Malaysian’s rivers and lakes are Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Ammoniacal Nitrogen (NH3-N) and Suspended Solids (SS). High BOD is contributed largely by untreated or partially treated sewage from manufacturing andagro-based industries.

How can Malaysia reduce pollution?

On Days when High Particle Levels are Expected, Take these Extra Steps to Reduce Pollution:

  1. Reduce the number of trips you take in your car.
  2. Reduce or eliminate fireplace and wood stove use.
  3. Avoid burning leaves, trash, and other materials.
  4. Avoid using gas-powered lawn and garden equipment.
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