What are the two major climatic factors that affect soils?

They are: Climate, organisms, parent material, topography and time. Soil from one place is different from another because of the differences in the influence of these factors. The influence of climate is due to basically two factors: temperature and rainfall.

Which are the 2 main climatic factors responsible for soil formation?

ANS-Temperature and rainfall are the two main climatic factors responsible for soil formation.

What are the main climatic factors affecting soil formation?

The two climatic factors responsible for soil formation are temperature and rainfall.

What are the two factors in climate that have the greatest effect on soil?

Climate: Temperature and moisture influence the speed of chemical reactions, which in turn help control how fast rocks weather and dead organisms decompose. Soils develop faster in warm, moist climates and slowest in cold or arid ones. Rainfall is one of the most important climate factors in soil formation.

What are the two main climate factors?

The two most important factors in the climate of an area are temperature and precipitation.

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Which are the two main climatic factors responsible for soil formation Class 8 Ncert?

Solution: Temperature and rainfall are the two main climatic factors responsible for soil formation.

Which are the three main climate factor responsible for soil formation?

(i) Temperature and rainfall are the two main climatic factors responsible for soil formation. (ii) Deforestation and the indiscriminate use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers in agricultural lands are two factors contributing to land degradation. (iii) Land is among the most important natural resources.

What are the factors affecting soil structure?

There are many factors that significantly affect soil structural stability like climate, organic matter content, adsorbed cations, tillage, type of vegetation, plant roots, soil organisms, manurial practices and crop rotation, alternate wetting and drying (Shreeja n.d.).

How does climate affect soil fertility?

The climate change will increase energy of destruction of soil minerals resulting in simplification of mineral matrix due to accumulation of minerals tolerant to weathering. It will lead loss of soil function for fertility maintenance and greater dependence of on mineral fertilizers.

What are the main factors affecting the formation of soil described each factor briefly?

Soils are formed through the interaction of five major factors: time, climate, parent material, topography and relief, and organisms. The relative influence of each factor varies from place to place, but the combination of all five factors normally determines the kind of soil developing in any given place.

What are the 5 most important factors in soil formation?

The whole soil, from the surface to its lowest depths, develops naturally as a result of these five factors. The five factors are: 1) parent material, 2) relief or topography, 3) organisms (including humans), 4) climate, and 5) time.

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