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Our support for a ban on trophy hunting of Arizona’s wild cats

Published 11/14/17  by The Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection

The Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection has formally endorsed a new ballot initiative that seeks to ban trophy hunting of wild cats in Arizona, specifically mountain lions, bobcats, jaguars, ocelots, and lynx.

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Letter: Ban big cat trophy hunting in Arizona · Oct 23, 2017

Published 10/23/17 in by Bettina Hansen

I learned that there’s an effort to ban wild cat trophy hunting and trapping on the Nov. 2018 ballot — and it’s not just to protect mountain lions. If this passes, bobcats will also be spared from cruel and painful traps, and protections for jaguars, ocelots and lynx will become codified.

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Letter: Protect our wild cats! · Oct 23, 2017

Published 10/23/17 in by Kim Flaherty

As Gucci and other major brands go fur-free, it is becoming more apparent that fur — and the cruelty to animals it causes — has no place in modern fashion. Yet every year, thousands of Arizona’s bobcats struggle to free themselves from steel jawed leghold traps, body-gripping traps, and snares on private land, and from cage traps on public land.

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Initiative gathers signatures to ban wild cat hunting

News 4 Tucson · Oct 16, 2017

Published 10/16/17 in News 4 Tucson by Sam Salzwedel

TUCSON – An organization has launched a campaign to ban hunting wild cats.

A ballot initiative would end bobcat and mountain lion hunting in Arizona. Nancy Young Wright is volunteering on the campaign.

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Bighorn sheep surviving, possibly thriving, in Tucson's Catalina Mountains · Oct 15, 2017

Published 10/15/17 in by Douglas Kreutz

An estimate from March says as many as 85 bighorns may be in the Catalinas, but that number has not been confirmed.

Bighorn sheep appear to be enduring in the Catalina Mountains today — four years after efforts began to re-establish a herd in the range, state wildlife officials say.

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Pumas Are Not Such Loners After All

NPR Morning Edition · Oct 11, 2017

Published 10/15/17 in NPR Morning Edition by Nell Greenfieldboyce

Supposedly solitary pumas actually hang out with their fellow big cats quite often, frequently coming together and hissing and snarling before settling down to share a delicious elk carcass.

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Lions’ leftovers eaten by many small critters

Jackson Hole News & Guide · Oct 11, 2017

Carcasses are consumed by many mammals, birds, study finds.

Published 10/11/17 in Jackson Hole News & Guide by Mike Koshmrl

An incredible diversity of wildlife — from chickadees to grizzly bears — make use of cougar-killed carcasses that are distributed around the mountains and valleys of Jackson Hole.

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Solitary Pumas Turn Out to Be Mountain Lions Who Lunch

The New York Times · Oct 11, 2017

Published 10/11/17 in The New York Times by Douglas Quenua 

Pumas have long had a reputation as loners, studiously marking their territory, hunting individually and tolerating one another only when it’s time to mate.

But the animals — also known as mountain lions, cougars or panthers — may be more social than previously thought, according to a new study published Wednesday in the journal Science Advances.

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The cat’s out of the bag . . . and onto the ballot

The Rose Law Group Reporter · Sep 28, 2017

Published 9/28/17 in The Rose Law Group Reporter by Phil Riske

As you might have read, the Humane Society of the United States is moving to get Arizona voters to outlaw the practice of “trophy hunting” of mountain lions. The group’s proposal for the next year’s General Election ballot would make it illegal to “pursue, shoot, snare, net or capture any wild cat,” specifically bobcats and mountain lions. It’s estimated there are about 2,500 mountain lions in Arizona.

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Arizonans for Wildlife Launches Ballot Campaign

· Sep 28, 2017

Coalition gives voters the opportunity to end cruel trophy hunting practices on Arizona’s wild cats

Arizonans for Wildlife, a coalition of more than 30 non-governmental organizations and state legislators, has filed a ballot initiative with the Arizona Secretary of State’s office aimed at restricting trophy hunting and trapping of Arizona’s wild cats, including bobcats, mountain lions, jaguars, lynx and ocelots. None of these big cats are killed for food.

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