Letter: Protect our wild cats!

Published 10/23/17 in tucson.com by Kim Flaherty

As Gucci and other major brands go fur-free, it is becoming more apparent that fur — and the cruelty to animals it causes — has no place in modern fashion. Yet every year, thousands of Arizona’s bobcats struggle to free themselves from steel jawed leghold traps, body-gripping traps, and snares on private land, and from cage traps on public land. Their struggle can last for hours, resulting in extreme suffering and painful injuries, not to mention dehydration, starvation, and exposure to both predators and the elements. Despicably, these cats are killed for nothing more than the fur on their backs.

Trapping is not only innately cruel, it is notoriously indiscriminate. Non-target animals, pets, and endangered species are all at risk for severe injury and death. This is why it's crucial that an initiative to prohibit trophy hunting and trapping of Arizona’s wild cats is put on the ballot and passes next year. Please help by signing a petition or volunteering to collect signatures with Arizonans for Wildlife.

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