Officials shouldn’t relax guidelines on trophy hunting

Published 12/10 by The Arizona Republic

News broke recently that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service would allow African elephants and lions to be killed in Zimbabwe and Zambia by American trophy hunters and their heads and hides brought back home to the United States. The agency’s announcement was met with an overwhelming flood of criticism from across the social and political spectrum. The most important critic is President Trump himself.

Blog Post: Saving Arizona’s Wildcats

Published 11/26/17 by Purr and Roar

The time has come to make the move towards ending hunting and trapping of mountain lions and all wildcats.

The cat’s out of the bag . . . and onto the ballot

Published 9/28/17 in The Rose Law Group Reporter by Phil Riske

As you might have read, the Humane Society of the United States is moving to get Arizona voters to outlaw the practice of “trophy hunting” of mountain lions. The group’s proposal for the next year’s General Election ballot would make it illegal to “pursue, shoot, snare, net or capture any wild cat,” specifically bobcats and mountain lions. It’s estimated there are about 2,500 mountain lions in Arizona.