How should we conserve biodiversity How can we do it?

How can we conserve biodiversity How can we do it?

6 Ways to Preserve Biodiversity

  1. Support local farms. …
  2. Save the bees! …
  3. Plant local flowers, fruits and vegetables. …
  4. Take shorter showers! …
  5. Respect local habitats. …
  6. Know the source!

Why should we conserve biodiversity how we can do it?

Biodiversity boosts ecosystem productivity where each species, no matter how small, all have an important role to play. A larger number of plant species means a greater variety of crops. … We should conserve biodiversity so as to maintain the food chain. The disturbance in the food chain may affect the whole ecosystem.

Why should we conserve biodiversity How can we do it Class 12?

Complete answer: We should conserve our biodiversity because we have inherited it and the future generation should also be able to inherit it. Loss of biodiversity has resulted in several ecological imbalances like: – Dramatic changes in ecosystem processes like the water cycle, disease cycle, pest cycle, etc.

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Why should we conserve biodiversity class 8 short answer?

Answer: (a)We should conserve biodiversity because it is very important for all living organisms and for the environment. We should conserve biodiversity to save it from becoming extinct. (b)Protected forests are not completely safe for wild animals because poachers have found access in these areas and killing animals.

Why should we conserve biodiversity How can we do it explain the importance of biodiversity hotspots?

(a) Biodiversity conservation is necessary because of the following reasons: i. Many commercially important products such as food, fibre and wood and countless industrial products are obtained from nature. … Certain activities cannot be accomplished without the help of nature such as production of oxygen and pollination.

Why should we conserve biodiversity How can we do it explain the importance of biodiversity hotspots in sacred groves?

Role in conservation. Many rare, threatened and endemic species of plants and animals have been protected in sacred groves . Such areas have been found to be most undisturbed and are species rich. Among the ecosystem services are control of floods and soil erosion.

Why is there a need to conserve biodiversity class 9?

Higher the biodiversity levels, better are the implications for the environment. For instance, if a particular species is driven to extinction, or introduced to a new environment, it can create an imbalance in the ecosystem. … Hence, conservation of biodiversity is important.

Why should we conserve biodiversity short answer?

Plants and animals depend on each other in order to survive, therefore the destruction of one would affect the life of the other. Hence, we should conserve biodiversity to prevent these species to become extinct and to maintain a balance in the nature.

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