Is McLaren Vale cool climate?

McLaren Vale has a low altitude and warm Mediterranean climate with plenty of summer sunshine. Cooling breezes from the slopes of nearby Mount Lofty and the Gulf St Vincent add to the climatic variety across the region, making each vineyard site unique.

Is McLaren Vale or Barossa Valley better?

The Barossa produces generous wines with juicy fruit and unmatched depth and length. … McLaren Vale produces softer, more approachable wines with great fruit intensity and spicy complexity. Whenever we throw a cocktail party McLaren Vale Shiraz is always our go–to wine (they just go down so easy).

What is considered cool climate?

By Johannes Richter. Internationally, cool climates average less than 16.5˚C over the growing season and warm climates are considered to fall between 18.5-21.5˚C, according to Cathy Marston DipWSET of the International Wine Education Centre. Hot climates are above 21.5˚C on average.

What is McLaren Vale known for?

McLaren Vale boasts more than 80 cellar doors and vineyards, and although best known for its Shiraz, also excels in the production of ultra-premium Grenache and Cabernet varieties, frequently winning awards at international wine shows.

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Is Barossa Valley cool climate?

The Barossa Valley has a Mediterranean climate with warm-climate vineyards on the valley floor and cooler vineyards up in the surrounding hills.

Where is Barossa?

The Barossa Valley (Barossa German: Barossa Tal) is a valley in South Australia located 60 kilometres (37 mi) northeast of Adelaide city centre. The valley is formed by the North Para River. It is notable as a major wine-producing region and tourist destination.

What grapes are grown in Barossa Valley?

Grapes and wine

While the Barossa Valley is most commonly associated with its signature grape variety of Shiraz, the region does grow a number of grape varieties. Among these other varieties are Riesling, Semillon, Chardonnay, Grenache, Mourvedre and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Is Pinot Noir a cool climate grape?

But not all grapes thrive in all climates. Some are better suited to cooler zones, while others prefer heat and sun. The grapes most adept to cooler regions include Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and Gewürtztraminer for whites, and Pinot Noir and Zweigelt for reds.

Is Burgundy warm or cool climate?

The climate in Burgundy is continental for the most part: warm summers and cold winters. The region is northerly enough and cool enough for the grapes to ripen in most years. Not every year is a good vintage; some years bring too much rain, or are too cool.

Is Burgundy cool climate?

The climate in Burgundy is continental for the most part: fairly warm summers, with the constant threat of hail, and cold winters. The region is northerly enough and cool enough that the grapes just about ripen in most years. … Fortunately, the grapes grown in Burgundy are suited to cool climates.

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Is McLaren Vale a valley?

The two major wine-growing regions of South Australia, the Barossa Valley and the McLaren Vale, are among the most historic and acclaimed wine-growing areas in the world.

Is McLaren Vale a nice place to live?

“A relaxed wine region close to the city and the sea”

Nestled in amongst the hills, and just a stone’s throw from the beach, McLaren Vale is a lovely spot to live. … The region is famous for wine-making, and the region is decidedly pretty as a result with many vineyards around the area.

What Aboriginal land is McLaren Vale?

The Land. Aldinga is a beautiful place known to the Kaurna Miyurna (people) as “Ngaltingga”.