Which of the following cities enjoys equable climate in India?

Four cities in India experiencing equable climate are: Kolkata, Mumbai, Puri and Goa.

Which city in India enjoys an equable climate?

Kochi lies in the southwest coast; therefore, it experiences equable climate.

Which city has the most equable climate in India?

In India the place that experiences equable climate is MUMBAI and PURI. Cities that lie on the west coast of India mostly experience equable climate.

Where is India’s equable climate?

This type of climate is usually found near the sea or coastal areas. The equable climate has a mean annual temperature of 14°C. In India, the equable climate can be found in Mumbai, Chennai, Mangalore, Goa, Kerala.

Which of these cities enjoys equable climate a Kochi B Bhopal C Jammu?

The correct answer is an option (d). Explanation: Water bodies exert a moderating influence on the climate of the places that are near them. Kochi lies on the southwest coast; therefore, it experiences an equable climate.

Does Chandigarh have equable climate?

During the cold weather season, the Northern Plains have a very low temperature. But at the same time, south India has equable climate. … Explanation: From September to November, monsoon winds start retreating.

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Which of the following place has an equable climate?

Delhi is the state that has equable climate that has been consider by factors obtaining from moderate climate changes.

Which of the following city enjoys an equable climate Patna Chandigarh Goa Kanpur?

Jammu stays cold most of the time of the year and thus the temperature in Jammu is said to be equable.

Why is July Rainier in Mumbai than in Thiruvananthapuram?

Both Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram receive rainfall from South West Monsoons in Summer. South West Monsoons reach Thiruvananthapuram by 1st of June. But in July, there is a break in monsoons thereby reducing rainfall. … Hence, July is rainier in Mumbai.

What type of climate prevails in India?

The type of climate that prevails over India is Tropical monsoon type of climate. It is because India lies in the tropical belt and the climate is influenced by the monsoon winds which are confined to the Tropics.

Does Chennai have equable climate?

At the equator, all the seasons have similar temperatures and so this makes the climate equable. (ii)Chennai receives most of its rainfall from the north-east’ monsoon, which gives rains mostly from October to December, and not the south-west monsoon. … That is why it has a hot desert type of climate.

Does Odisha have equable climate?

In india, equable climate can be found in Mumbai and Orissa.

Which state in India does not have equable climate?

the answer is chennai.